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A Case Study of the State of Agro-Inputs in Central Uganda

 Author: Advocacy Coalition for Sustainable Agriculture (ACSA)  Category: Agro-inputs  Published: 2019  ISBN: 9789970522002  Country: Uganda  Language: English  Tags: agro-inputs |

Agriculture is still the major source of livelihood and employer of Uganda’s population. In order for the sector to continue supporting the population, an enabling working environment to the smallholder farmers and farming community in general ought to be provided to address the demand and supply constraints.

Focus on agro inputs is increasingly becoming important in Uganda since it governs the growth of the entire sector. And as such Advocacy Coalition for Sustainable Agriculture (ACSA) has undertaken a study about the state of agro-inputs in Uganda following the identified gaps by smallholder farmers and the farming community in general in relation to access, affordability and reliability.

Whereas efforts by the relevant ministries and partners have been made to create awareness about the agro-inputs on market and where to access them, there are still some gaps in policies and regulation to ensure that smallholder farmers have access to genuine, quality, and affordable agro-inputs.

This study therefore will inform further engagements to address the gaps as well as guiding the CSOs on the way forward for the agro input sector in Uganda.


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