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A Documentation of Irrigation Systems in Uganda

 Author: Advocacy Coalition for Sustainable Agriculture (ACSA)  Category: Irrigation  Published: 2018  ISBN: 9789970477036  Country: Uganda  Language: English  Tags: irrigation |

Leveraging Small and Medium Holder Farmers’ Choice of Irrigation Technologies

The study on irrigation systems in Uganda was conducted to document information regarding irrigation technology being used by farmers/beneficiary and their general understanding of the technology.

The findings form a basis for accurate and latest trends related to demand, consumer behavior, growth opportunities and the overall cost benefit analysis from where small and medium holder farmers can make informed choices on the most appropriate, effective, efficient and cost-effective irrigation systems.

Specifically, the study identified the type of irrigation technologies on the market, general understanding of the technology by farmers/beneficiary, capacity of the irrigation system and their effectiveness, required support for the target groups, the various service providers, challenges faced by farmers using irrigation systems, the role of government in ensuring public access to appropriate irrigation technologies, the gaps in the government approach to leverage irrigation in the country and the cost benefit analysis of most used irrigation technologies.

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