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Local Microfinance Systems & their Accessibility by Smallholder Farmers in Uganda

 Author: Advocacy Coalition for Sustainable Agriculture (ACSA)  Category: Microfinance  Published: 2019  ISBN: 9789970522088  Country: Uganda  Language: English  Tags: microfinance |

An Exploratory Study on Local Microfinance Practices

Advocacy Coalition for Sustainable Agriculture (ACSA) assessed the nature and practicability of Local Microfinance systems and their accessibility by smallholder farmers in Uganda.

The assessment tries to compile information on various issues on the local microfinance systems and gives an overview of the general practices of  local microfinance systems in Uganda. It provides a wealth of information and knowledge on what local microfinance systems in Uganda are all about, how they fit into the overall financial sector and the role they have played in fostering smallholder farmers’ incomes in Uganda.

The findings from this study were further used to draft a guide for smallholder farmers on establishment of their local financial systems, accessibility, participation and membership within the existing local microfinance systems.

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