Commodity prices soar amidst scarcity | Week 11, 2022

Agricultural commodities

This week, food commodity prices increased after other basic items. Less supply was registered for maize grain in all markets. This scarcity led to a resultant increment in the maize grain price countrywide. In Kampala, maize grain price increased from Ugx.1040/kg to Ugx.1100/kg in Kisenyi-Kampala. This was a price also offered in Mbale. Maize was mainly purchased by millers processing maize flour for sale. Maize flour was offered at Ugx.90, 000 per 50kg bag in the same market.

Other city markets registered the same price or slightly because they depend on the trend of this market. Supply was registered from stockists in locations such as Fort Portal, Kyegegwa, Kibaale, Hoima, Masindi, Kiboga, Kyankwanzi and Mubende.

Elsewhere, maize was offered at Ugx.1000-1100/kg in Gulu and maize flour was offered at a higher price of Ugx.2200-2400/kg. In Masindi, Iganga and Masaka maize was equally purchased at Ugx.1000/kg. Contrary, maize price declined in Kamwenge from Ugx.1050-980/kg due to low demand. Transit traders in this area noted that they had also started receiving maize from Tanzania, although the quality was still moist.

Low demand for maize grain was reported at Busia Produce Border market. This was as a result of increased prices of maize grain from the production locations. Below 100MT of maize grain were traded daily at Busia. Good quality maize was offered at Ugx.1113/kg (Ksh.35) while Fair quality at Ugx.1097/kg (Ksh.34.5). The least acceptable quality usually for animal feeds cost Ugx.1081/kg (Ksh.34). Usually, traders would not venture into Busia market when the Kampala price is higher than Busia price.

The price increment was also recorded in the beans section especially in Kampala markets. Yellow and Sugar beans were preferred at Ugx.2600/kg and Ugx.2500/kg respectively at wholesale. Other beans varieties delivered to Kampala were cheaper. Short Nambale beans cost Ugx.2200/kg wholesale while Big White cost Ugx.2300/kg. The small white beans cost Ugx.2000/kg while Long Nambale was offered at Ugx.2100/kg.

There was less demand for beans at Busia. Less than 200MT were bought daily throughout the week. Yellow beans were purchased at Ugx.2630/kg (Ksh.89) while Nambale beans at Ugx.2300/kg (Ksh.63). Mixed beans cost Ugx.1272/kg (Ksh.44), Wailimu at Ugx.1980/kg (Ksh.56), Sugar beans at Ugx.3116-3180/kg (Ksh.98-100) and Rosecoco at Ugx.2544/kg (Ksh.80).

Other commodities demanded at Busia included Millet at Ugx.2385/kg (Ksh.75), Red sorghum at Ugx.1113/kg (Ksh.35), Cassava chips at Ugx.890/kg (Ksh.28), Green grams at Ugx.2385/kg (Ksh.75), Groundnuts at Ugx.4706/kg (Ksh.148), Simsim at Ugx.5024/kg (Ksh.158) and Soya beans at Ugx.3243/kg (Ksh.102).

Super rice cost Ugx.3000-3500/kg in Kampala markets. Apparently, Uganda Super rice was offered at a higher price than Tanzanian price. Super from Uganda cost Ugx.3500/kg while Super Tanzania cost Ugx.3200/kg.

Download this week’s Price Outlook (14th  March – 20th March, 2022) for the detailed wholesale and retail prices of selected commodities across the various regional markets in Uganda.

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