Depleted stocks of Maize grain on the market | Week 13, 2022

Stocks of maize grain

The volumes traded at the regional produce border market in Busia declined greatly. However, this market situation met low demand from the Kenyan transit traders. Minimal grain trading was registered at only 50MT formally via the main gate and as well as informally via trade routes estimated at only 50MT daily.

Good quality maize was purchased at a high price of Ugx.1140/kg (Ksh.38) indicating a further increment in the maize grain price. Fair quality maize grain at this particular market was purchased at Ugx.1125/kg (Ksh.37.5). The least acceptable quality was purchased at Ugx.1110/kg (Ksh.37) at Busia produce Market. Traders resorted to sourcing for maize grain from Tanzania since the Ugandan crop was out of supply and highly priced. Limited supply of maize grain from Tanzania got to the border market via Namanga, Taveta, Sirari on the Kenyan side as well as via Mutukula on the Ugandan side.

Maize was reported scarce in the rural production locations and in town markets. In Kampala market, the grain market price increased to Ugx.1100-1200/kg in Kisenyi- Owino markets. Maize was purchased by millers who process for maize flour at Ugx.95,000 per sack weighing 50kgs at wholesale level. Some Tanzanian maize was received in Kampala markets and was the only reason the maize price did not further increase since less was delivered to market.

In other rural markets, maize was offered at Ugx.1000/kg and above. It was exceptionally high in Masindi and Soroti at Ugx.1200/kg while in Mbarara at Ugx.1300/kg. Unspecified volume of maize was received via Mutukula from Tanzania to Kampala and other markets and along the western region.

Some rainfall was received in some parts of the country sending some farmers into early planting of both beans and maize. In Kampala markets, Yellow, Short Nambale and Sugar beans remain the preferred varieties, however Sugar beans had limited supply rendering them more expensive.

More trading was registered for beans at the regional produce market of Busia. An estimated 300MT of assorted beans were sold across on a daily. Due to the porousness of the border, an estimated 100MT of beans were delivered on a daily across the border informally. Green army beans fetched more money than the Yellow at Ugx.2910/kg (Ksh.97) while Yellow beans cost Ugx.2760/kg (Ksh.92). Wailimu and Nambale cost Ugx.2160/kg (Ksh.72) and Ugx.2190/kg (Ksh.73) respectively. Mixed beans cost Ugx.1440/kg (Ksh.48) while that from Kisoro cost Ugx.1860/kg (Ksh.62).

Other commodities demanded at this border market included Millet at Ugx.2460/kg (Ksh.82), Sorghum at Ugx.1200/kg (Ksh.40), Simsim at Ugx.4800/kg (Ksh.160), Groundnuts at Ugx.4740/kg (Ksh.158) and Soya beans at Ugx.3150/kg (Ksh.105).

Download this week’s Price Outlook (28th March – 02nd April, 2022) for the detailed wholesale and retail prices of selected commodities across the various regional markets in Uganda.

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