First season harvest on, maize offered at two prices | Week 26

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In the final week of June, newly harvested maize grain was delivered to Kampala and the market registered two prices, the newly harvested price at Ugx.800-820/kg and the old stock price at Ugx.850-860/kg.

Apparently, millet remains expensive in Kampala at Ugx.2800/kg because the newly harvested millet has not reached the market. Some supply of millet was reported coming from Tanzania. In Tororo, newly harvested millet was offered at Ugx.2100/kg. Likewise at the border produce market at Busia. Millet was reported expensive at Ksh.92/kg (Ugx.3,008). They reported receiving new millet at Ksh.87/kg (Ugx.2,844) but the supply was largely low. Other markets reported millet very scarce and out of supply.

Plenty of newly harvested maize was received in the closing week to the border market at Busia. Good quality maize was purchased at Ksh.25/kg (Ugx.817) while fair quality cost Ksh.24.5/kg (Ugx.801). The least acceptable quality usually for animal feeds cost Ksh.23.7/kg (Ugx.774). This maize was delivered from Busoga region, Masindi and Mubende. An estimated 200Mt of new maize was traded daily throughout the final week. Old stocked maize grain was purchased at Ksh.27/kg (Ugx.882).

Plenty of Matooke was delivered to major town markets. Most of the supply was delivered from South western Uganda where prices have been recorded absolutely low. In Kabarole, Matooke was recorded at Ugx.1500-3000/kg. Farmers are discouraged by the current low prices offered. The usual intake from major town markets has reduced drastically and the reduced demand has affected the entire value chain. Some Matooke were harvested from Kapchorwa and delivered to different townships in the region.

The situation was similar in the Irish potato value chain where Irish potatoes from Kapchorwa were offered at a record low price of Ugx.35000 per 100kg bag. Supply from Wanaale-Mbale was also recorded low at Ugx.60,000 a bag weighing 100-120kgs. In Kabarole, the Irish potato supply was reported on and a bag weighing 150-170kgs cost Ugx.90,000. Irish potatoes were received in Kampala at Ugx.100,000 a sack.

The beans price is gradually increasing as the season winds down. Short Nambaale and Yellow beans cost Ugx.2000/kg and Ugx.2200-2300/kg in Kampala. Long Nambale and Mixed beans were cheaper at Ugx.1800-1250/kg respectively. Sugar beans were expensive at Ugx.2800/kg at wholesale. At Busia, an estimated 1000-1700MT were traded in the course of the week. Yellow beans were preferred at Ksh.66/kg (Ugx.2,158) while Rosecoco and Sugar beans cost Ksh.63/kg (Ugx.2,060). Nambale cost Ksh.62/kg (Ugx.2,027) while red Wailimu cost Ksh.52/kg (Ugx.1,700).

Beans prices were much cheaper in the western region where much of the supply is currently sourced. It appears more production was preferred for beans than maize in the past seasons. The harvest has been good in areas such as Kabarole, Mubende, Kibaale, Kiboga, Kyankwanzi and Masindi. On average, the off takers at rural level have paid a transaction cost of Ugx.1000-1500/kg for the common varieties that thrive in the western region such Kahuura, Yellow beans and Nambaale beans.

The margins observed in the current beans value chain are minor compared to last year during the same season. The rural stockists are reluctant to bulk beans because of the current demand from the usually high consumption markets which include institutions/schools and major cities. The situation is predicted worse if the lockdown period is extended where less demand would most likely continue. However, if the lockdown is lifted, this might be very good business for the off takers.

In increment in price was registered for Nile perch fish from Ugx.7000-8000/kg to currently Ugx.10,000/kg. Fish traders noted reduction in purchase from their usual buyers and have since reduced their stocks and charged more. Tilapia fish price remained constant at Ugx.8000-8500/kg depending on location. Uniquely the supply of lung fish increased and the purchase price reduced to Ugx.5000/kg at wholesale price.

Increased tomato supply to main markets in Kampala have rendered tomato prices declining. A box cost Ugx.130,000-150,000. Passion fruits also reduced to Ugx.500,000 per bag of purple fruit. The price of green pepper fluctuated between Ugx.300,000 and Ugx.380,000 per big bag depending on a day’s supply.

Download this week’s Price Outlook (28th June – 3rd July) for the detailed prices of individual commodities in the different regions of Uganda.

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