Fluctuation of Maize Grain Price | Weekly Market Outlook – Week 22

Maize corn on cob

 As the off season period for the grain continues to rage on, the grain market price in Kampala fluctuated due to disproportionate supply of maize grain. Maize was purchased in Kisenyi-Kafumbe Mukasa Rd market at Ugx.750-780/kg compared to Ugx.750-730/kg the previous week. Some grain was delivered from Tanzania via Mutukula border post while other supply from stock is in the production locations across the nation. Maize flour was offered at Ugx.65, 000 per 50kgs sack wholesale price.

The scorching sunshine currently experienced will no doubt affect the seasonal maize stand. The maize yield in the coming season will most likely fall short and therefore influence the market price higher than last year’s seasonal crop.

Areas with inadequate food supply during the long drought period such as Karamoja have already indicated deficiency of food due to late and insufficient rainfall in the first and second quarter of the year. Maize grain prices in the northern region were reported high compared to other areas. Maize in Lira was offered at Ugx.850/kg.

Maize from Uganda continued to flow towards Turkana land and parts of central Kenya. Good quality grain was purchased at Busia at Ksh.24/kg slightly higher than the previous week’s price. Fair quality grain was purchased at Ksh.23.5/kg while the least acceptable usually for animal feeds at Ksh.23/kg. Estimated volume of grain purchased in Busia increased from 200Mt to 300Mt on a daily throughout the week.

A slight increment in the newly harvested beans supply to Kampala was recorded. Yellow beans were offered at Ugx.2200/kg wholesale price from Ugx.2000/kg.

Short Nambale was offered at Ugx.1600-1800/kg (Wholesale) depending on supply of the day. Long Nambale cost Ugx.1650/kg compared Ugx.1500-1600/kg previously. Mixed beans were offered at the same price Ugx.1000-1100/kg. White beans cost Ugx.1800-2000/kg at wholesale.

Some supply of millet was delivered from Tanzania slowing down the millet price in Kampala. Before this supply got to this market, millet price hiked to Ugx.2700/kg at wholesale. The market price has since come down to Ugx.2300/kg wholesale due to this supply.

Big trading was registered at Busia for beans. There was high demand for beans from Kenyan traders at the border market. An overwhelming 1200Mt of assorted beans varieties were purchased on a daily. The beans price were not stable and kept fluctuating throughout.

Yellow beans were offered at Ksh.69/kg (Ugx.). Short Nambale cost Ksh.55-58/kg, Saitoti and Rosecoco were offered at the same price of Ksh62/kg. Wailimu beans cost Ksh.50-56/kg and mixed beans at Ksh.40-45/kg.

Irish potato harvest started in Wannale-Mbale and cost per kilo dropped to Ugx.800/kg. It is also slated to start in Kabarole-Fort Portal where a bag weighing 100 kgs cost Ugx.110,000-120,000. In Kabale its planting time and no supply is expected from there in the short run.

Download this week’s Price Outlook (31st May – 5th June) for the detailed wholesale prices of individual commodities in the different regions of Uganda.

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