Higher market commodity prices as beans supply increases | Week 46

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The market received commodities from the second delayed harvest season regularly. It is expected that the season will not yield maximum due to effects of dry spells and unreliable rainfall. In the maize value chain, harvest is expected in December and January, therefore, the market is tending to the climax of the off-season. The grain price could be at its highest at Ugx.1200/kg. However, it is much likely to increase higher before new supply is received on the market. This has had a higher effect on the bi-products such as maize flour at Ugx.90, 000/50kg bag in Kampala and its suburbs.

In other markets, likewise, the maize flour price has increased drastically. In Arua currently, the maize price was lower at Ugx.900-950/kg due to supply from Congo and nearby markets.

At the regional border market in Busia, maize was received from the Kenyan side at Ksh.28/kg (Ugx.868) compared to maize on the Ugandan side at Ksh.36/kg (Ugx.1116). Maize in this market was cheaper from Kenya than it was in Uganda. The lower regional grain market price has contributed to the reduction of sale of Ugandan maize leading to a higher price in Uganda.

Maize grain supply from Tanzania was offered cheaper in Kampala’s Kisenyi market at Ugx.1050/kg compared to the homegrown maize at Ugx.1200/kg. The price difference had a lot to do with quality. In the northern region, maize was offered at averagely Ugx.950-1000/kg. Traders noted slow beans trading especially in Lira. It was likewise scarce in Kamwenge at Ugx.1100/kg.

Plenty of an assortment of beans supply was registered in Kampala’s major markets. In Owino/Kafumbe Mukasa market, mixed beans were offered at the cheapest price of Ugx.1000-1100/kg at wholesale. Other cheaper varieties included Kahuura/Rosecoco at Ugx.1500-1600/kg, Nambale Long beans at Ugx.1600-1700/kg, Short Nambale at Ugx.1600-1700/kg and Yellow at Ugx.1800-2000/kg. Sugar beans were offered at the highest price and were scarce at Ugx.3000-3200/kg at wholesale.

Higher beans prices were registered in the northern region such as Lira and Gulu where Nambale and Yellow beans were offered at Ugx.2400-2600/kg. Black beans were apparently cheaper at Ugx.1700-2000/kg. Most of the beans supply was registered from the western region such as Mbarara, Kyegegwa, Kibaale, Kyankwanzi, Hoima, Kagadi and Kyenjojo districts. Less beans yield will most likely be reported in the eastern region at regional level.

Transit traders bought beans from different production locations at Ugx.800-1500/kg offtake price. Mixed beans were extremely cheap at Kamwenge at Ugx.900-930/kg depending on the quality. Kanyebwa beans cost Ugx.2000/kg. Prices were equally lower in Mbarara at Ugx1500-2000/kg depending on quality and variety. Arua registered low prices between Ugx.1500-1800/kg at wholesale.

An estimated volume of 1500MT were sold at Busia produce border market daily. The quality was good and the moisture content levels were getting better with an exception of Wailimu beans. Supply was majorly from the western region. Rosecoco beans and Army green beans were preferred in this market at Ksh.64/kg (Ugx.1984) and Ugx.62/kg (Ugx.1922) respectively. Yellow beans cost Ksh.58/kg (Ugx.1798) while Nambale at Ksh.55/kg (Ugx.1705) Wailimu cost Ksh.43/kg (Ugx.1333) and Mixed beans were rendered cheapest at Ksh.35/ (Ugx.1085) kg. Both formal and informal business was observed along the border terminal.

Other commodities that were demanded by the Kenyan traders included millet at Ksh.78/kg (Ugx.2418), Sorghum at Ksh.35/kg (Ugx.1085), Cassava at Ksh.28/kg (Ugx.868), Groundnuts at Ksh.145/kg (Ugx.4495), Simsim at Ksh.160/kg (Ugx.4960), Soya bean at Ksh.74/kg (Ugx.2294) and Green grams at Ksh.68/kg (Ugx.2108). Most of this supply was delivered to towns in Western Kenya.

Download this week’s Price Outlook (15th – 20th November) for the detailed wholesale and retail prices of selected commodities across the various regions of Uganda.

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