Huge demand for maize grain at Busia regional border market | Week 05, 2022

maize grain laid out

A number of transit traders turned up at Busia border produce market demanding for maize grain. An estimated 2,000Mt of maize grain were purchased at this market daily. The flow of maize from Uganda to Kenya was, however, affected and declined by the traffic jam for loaded trailers destined for Uganda.

The decline at the terminal facilitated a lot of informal trading by unscrupulous traders using foot paths and other routes to the Kenyan side. It is estimated that approximately 700MT of grain was exited daily to Kenya informally leaving approximately 1700Mt going via the terminal formally from the market. Maize purchase price was stable at Ugx.926 (Ksh.31) for good quality maize grain. Fair quality maize was bought at Ugx.897 (Ksh.30) while the least acceptable quality at Ugx.882 (Ksh.29.5).

Meanwhile in Kampala’s major grain market, the grain price increased gradually from the previous week’s price of Ugx.850/kg to Ugx.880/kg. Traders in this market speculated that the price would increase further. Other rural markets maintained stable market prices when compared to the previous week.

In the beans market, less activity was reported at Busia Produce border market when compared to previous week’s record. Supply was received from all major beans producing locations. Some supply was also reported coming in for the first time from Rwanda majorly for Wailimu beans. It was also reported that Wailimu beans were delivered from Tanzania via Mutukula to the same market.

Approximately 500MT were purchased daily throughout the week formally via the main gate from this particular market. However, because of the delays at the terminal, some informal trade estimated at 150MT were traded informally via route paths to the Kenyan side. Yellow beans were preferred in this particular market at Ugx.2072(Ksh.76/kg), Rosecoco at Ugx.2093 (Ksh.70/kg), Short Nambale at Ugx.1853 (Ksh.62/kg), Army green beans mainly cultivated in Mbarara at Ugx.2003 (Ksh. 67/kg), wailimu at Ugx.1554 (Ksh.52/kg), Large Mixed beans from Kisoro at Ugx.1614 (Ksh.54/kg) and Small seeded mixed beans at Ugx.1315 (Ksh.44/kg).

Kampala maintained stable bean prices with Yellow at Ugx.2300/kg, Short Nambale at Ugx.2200/kg, Large Nambale at Ugx.2000/kg wholesale and Mixed beans at ugx.1200/kg.

In the same market, rice price was observed increasing. A kilo of Super rice Tanzania increased to Ugx.3300/kg at retail while that from Uganda cost Ugx.3500/kg in several Kampala markets. Millet was reported freshly harvested from Greater Mbarara together with the G/nuts and delivered to Kampala.

In other major markets such as Busia, new millet was purchased at Ugx.2332 (Ksh.78/kg) while Old stock millet from the Northern region cost Ugx.2093 (Ksh.70/kg) in the same market. Pure red sorghum cost Ugx.1046 (Ksh.35/kg), Dry cassava at Ugx.807 (Ksh.27/kg), Green grams at Ugx.2541 (Ksh.85/kg), Simsim at Ugx. 4335 (Ksh.145/kg), Groundnuts at Ugx.4485 (Ksh.150/kg) and soya bean at Ugx.3109 (Ksh.104/kg).

Download this week’s Price Outlook (31st January– 5th February, 2022) for the detailed wholesale and retail prices of selected commodities across the various regions of Uganda.

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