Increased beans trading at the border market in Busia | Week 23, 2022


More freshly harvested beans have been delivered to the market. All major markets recorded increasing beans supply. An estimated 700MT of assorted beans variety were delivered to Kenya formally via the main gate on a daily throughout the week. Several Kenyan transit traders bought different variety of beans destined for a number of townships especially west of Kenya.

Beans were delivered especially from western Uganda, however, some supply was also recorded from parts of Busoga, Busia and Mbale. Informal trading at the border market of Busia was recorded at 300MT per day. Yellow beans were preferred at this market at Ugx.3106/kg (Ksh.96). Short Nambale beans cost Ugx.2789/kg (Ksh.88), however, Wailimu cost Ugx.2345-2409/kg (Ksh.74-76). Rosecoco was purchased at Ugx.2821/kg (Ksh.89). Mixed beans were much cheaper at Ugx.2060/kg (Ksh.65).

Most of the supply was demanded in several townships of Kenya and it is said that traders travelled long distances to deliver their goods. Supply was, however, expected to wind up faster than usual because there was more East African regional demand. Ugandan beans were also delivered to the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

In Kampala, more supply of the newly harvested beans reached the market. This new supply was highly priced compared to the old stock. Beans prices were more expensive in the northern and eastern regions.

Maize trading was reported at Busia Border produce market in both formal and informal trade. Good quality maize was offered at Ugx.1838/kg (Ksh.58), Fair quality at Ugx.1822/kg (Ksh.57.5) and the least acceptable quality cost Ugx.1807/kg (Ksh.57).

The maize delivered by traders from Tanzania via Mutukula border declined greatly and likewise the quality was even worse due to the fact that it was raining in Tanzania which heavily compromised the quality. The rice from the same source had equally declined due to the same weather problem. Rice delivered in 25kg bags registered a price increase to Ugx.90,000 and Ugx.80,000 for a lower quality.

In Kampala’s major markets, a higher price was quoted for maize grain due to the limited supply delivered. Maize cost Ugx.1650/kg in Kisenyi and Owino markets. This met an increment in the maize flour price too. Traders indicated that there was decline in the maize flour purchase due to increments in the maize grain price.

The supply of freshly harvested Matooke is gradually increasing in major markets. This will have a direct impact on the purchase of maize flour as consumers would substitute Posho for Matooke.

The price for Simsim and groundnuts has increased drastically in all markets. In both Busia and Kampala, less of these commodities were supplied at such a high price. In Kampala, groundnuts and Simsim cost Ugx.6000/kg at wholesale. Elsewhere, the wholesale price was higher than what it was in Kampala.

Download this week’s Price Outlook (06th – 12th June, 2022) for the detailed wholesale and retail prices of selected commodities across the various regional markets in Uganda.

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