Low demand for grain and pulses at the regional border market of Busia | Week 36

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There was very low demand for maize at the Busia Produce hub due to the continued supply of cheaper maize from Tanzania as compared to the Ugandan crop. Transit traders from the production locations delivered to Kampala rather than continuing to Busia because Kampala price was higher than Busia price. There was also mention of Kenya harvesting its crop. Only less than 50-100MT were purchased daily at the regional market. Good quality maize was offered at Ugx.864/kg (Ksh.27) while Fair quality maize grain at Ugx.848/kg (Ksh.26.5). The least acceptable quality usually for feeds was purchased at Ugx.832/kg (Ksh.28). At Malaba, there was very little commodity trading. Maize was generally purchased by millers for maize flour.

The grain price in Kampala increased from Ugx.900-920/kg the previous week to Ugx.970-980/kg. Maize was also reported fluctuating in other production markets countrywide (see attached spreadsheet). Similarly, the maize flour price was quoted gradually increasing. In some locations, fluctuations of maize price was a result of sudden increase in the main price.

In the fresh commodity market, tomatoes registered a fluctuating market price between Ugx.200,000 and Ugx.280,000 a box ply weighing approximately 100-120kgs. Green pepper weighing Ugx.70-80kgs was offered at Ugx. 80,000-120,000 depending on supply of the day in most Kampala markets.

The consumption of fruits was reported not good by the traders mainly because of low purchasing power. Purple passion fruits usually from Masaka were offered at a range of Ugx.350,000-400,000 per a bag while Yellow passion fruits cost Ugx. 150,000 usually from Kasese. Oranges were supplied to the market at Ugx.60,000-70,000 per bag weighing 100kgs each.

There were reports of newly harvested beans already on the market from Hoima, Masindi and Paidha offered at Ugx.2300-2400/kg at wholesale price. Yellow beans and Sugar beans were offered higher at Ugx.2350/kg and Ugx.2800/kg respectively. Short Nambale beans were offered at Ugx.2200-2300/kg while Large Nambale at Ugx.1800-1900/kg wholesale in Kampala. Other varieties such as Kanyeebwa were offered at Ugx.2100/kg and Mixed beans at Ugx.1700/kg. A smaller variety of small seeded mixed beans was offered at Ugx.1200/kg wholesale. Beans prices in other markets were generally stable.

Yellow beans were offered at Ugx.2304/kg (Ksh.72) and were very scarce throughout the week while rosecoco and Short Nambale were offered at Ugx.1920/kg (Ksh.60). Wailimu beans and Sugar beans cost Ugx.1792/kg (Ksh.56) and Ugx.2656/kg (Ksh.83) respectively. There were two types of mixed beans demanded on this border market. Mixed beans from Kisoro cost Ugx.1760/kg (Ksh.55) while that from Kisoro and Ntungamo was cheaper at Ugx.1620/kg (Ksh.45). Long Nambale was also purchased at Ugx.1824/kg (Ksh.57).

Other commodities demanded at Busia included Cassava chips at Ugx.608-640/kg (Ksh.19-20). Soya bean, Sorghum and Green grams were very scarce and offered at Ugx.3040/kg (95), Ugx.1516/kg (Ksh.35) and Ugx.2560/kg (Ksh.80) respectively. Millet was expensive at Ugx.2560/kg (Ksh.80), Groundnuts cost Ugx.4640/kg (Ksh.145) and Simsim at Ugx.4160-4320/kg (Ksh.131-135).

Meanwhile the fish prices especially for Nile Perch increased from Ugx.9000-12000/kg. The price for Tilapia fluctuated between Ugx.9000-10,000/kg. This has had a higher retail price effect across the general market. Nile perch was offered at Ugx.15,000-18,000/kg at retail while that of Tilapia was offered between Ugx.13,000-15000/kg. In Gulu, Nile perch from Lake Kyoga was offered at the same price of Ugx.12,000/kg while Tilapia at Ugx.10,000/kg. According to fish traders, they noted that this is usually low supply season either due to the full moon or rainfall around the Lake basin.

Download this week’s Price Outlook (6th – 11th September) for the detailed prices of individual commodities in the different regions of Uganda.

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