Maize grain flows back from Kenya to Uganda market | Week 37

maize grain laid out

Low demand for maize was reported in major markets including Busia Border Produce hub. Maize price was reported higher at Busia than it was across in Kenya leading to a reversal of the maize trend back to the Ugandan market for a few days. Good quality was offered at Ugx.1060/kg. The price of maize in Kenya was offered cheaper than the offer price at Busia because Tanzania continues to offer cheaper maize via Namanga and Sirari to Busia and the Kenyan harvest also continues to offer maize.

In Kampala, maize shot to Ugx.1100/kg at Kisenyi and other markets. However, it quickly deteriorated to Ugx.1050/kg due to quick supply into the market. Maize flour was offered at Ugx.85, 000-90,000 per 50kg bag at wholesale. Traders noted that maize was generally scarce, however, some traders continue to speculate for the highest price. In the northern region markets such as Lira and Gulu, low demand for maize was reported. However, they registered cheaper prices at Ugx.700-850/kg at wholesale. The cheapest maize was registered in Kapchorwa at Ugx.700/kg and the number of traders from Kenya were reported loading maize destined for Busia.

Slow trading of beans was reported in Busia. An estimate of 400-500MT of assortment of beans were loaded destined for Kenya markets on a daily. Sugar beans fetched higher prices at Ugx.2939/kg –Ugx.2971/kg at wholesale (Ksh91-92) while Yellow beans cost Ugx.2293- 2325/kg (Ksh.71-72). Other varieties including Nambale cost Ugx.1905-1938/kg (Ksh.59-60), Wailimu at Ugx.1776/kg (Ksh.55), Mixed beans from Kisoro at Ugx.1679/kg (Ksh.52) and Mixed beans from Ibanda at Ugx.1292/kg (Ksh.40).

Traders speculate that maize will continue to flow back from Kenya because of the current inadequacy of maize until the new harvest season in January next year. Others have predicted maize price to spike in October at Ugx.1200/kg.

Other commodities demanded from across Kenya included Cassava at Ugx.807/kg (Ksh.25), Millet at Ugx.2584/kg (Ksh.80), Sorghum Red at Ugx.1162/kg (Ksh.36), Groundnuts at Ugx.4845/kg (Ksh.150), Simsim at Ugx.4780/kg (Ksh.148), Green grams at Ugx.2325/kg (Ksh.72) and Soya beans at Ugx.3068/kg (Ksh.95).

The supply of millet, sorghum, soya bean and Simsim remain very scarce and their prices expected to increase in the short run. Meanwhile in Kampala, the market received newly harvested beans supply presumed from swampy areas. The new supply was offered at a higher price i.e. Yellow beans cost Ugx.2500/kg and Nambaale Ugx.2400/kg at wholesale compared to Old stock at Ugx.2100-2200 and Ugx.1800/kg respectively at wholesale.

Good supply for tomatoes was reported in several markets. This drove the price per box ply lower to Ugx.200,000. The price fluctuated in several markets given the supply of the day and quality in terms of size.

Download this week’s Price Outlook (13th – 18th September) for the detailed prices of individual commodities in the different regions of Uganda.

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