Maize price soaring higher as less supply gets to the market | Week 22, 2022


The maize grain market in Kampala which had been associated with two prices, one for maize from within and the other for grain from Tanzania was consolidated into one due to less quantities from Tanzania but also the tax levied on the imported maize. It was offered at Ugx.1580/kg in both Kafumbe-Mukasa and Owino markets at wholesale.

The maize grain price continued to increase in Kampala from the previous week’s price of Ugx.1420/kg to Ugx.1580/kg. Maize flour stabilized at Ugx.2400/kg in both markets at wholesale. Maize bran was offered at Ugx.820/kg.

Maize was more expensive in Lira at Ugx.1600/kg while in Gulu at Ugx.1400/kg. There was slow trading of maize in the Northern region and maize was generally bought by millers. In Iganga, those who planted maize early started delivering maize at a reduced price of Ugx.1300/kg. The supply of this newly harvested maize is, however, very low currently. Maize was absolutely highly priced in Mbarara where it was recorded at Ugx.1700/kg. In Kamwenge, it was offered at Ugx.1400-1420/kg wholesale price. At the border post of Mutukula, the supply of maize to Uganda had declined and it cost Ugx.1450/kg before taxation.

Demand for maize at the border produce market of Busia increased where an estimated 350MT of maize was formerly delivered to Kenya daily throughout the week. Less than 200MT of maize were also traded informally via several trade routes daily alongside the porous border from the market. Maize was destined to most Kenya townships. Good quality maize cost Ugx.1488/kg (Ksh.48) while Fair quality cost Ugx.1472/kg (Ksh.47.5). The least acceptable quality usually for animal feeds cost Ugx.1457/kg (Ksh.47).

Kampala’s city markets received newly harvested beans from Kiboga, Kibaale, Masindi, Hoima and parts of Mubende. Nambaale was offered at Ugx.2800-2900/kg at wholesale while Kahuura beans cost Ugx.2700-2800/kg at wholesale. White beans were offered expensively at Ugx. 3300-3400/kg. Mixed beans from Kabale, also known as Omusingiriro, cost Ugx.2700-2800/kg while Kanyeebwa mainly from Mubende cost Ugx.3000-3200/kg.

In Masindi, where harvesting of Short Nambale and Yellow beans took place, these particular beans were offered at Ugx.2300-2700/kg at wholesale depending on the quality while in Mubende they were offered at Ugx.2500/kg. Likewise, in Kamwenge Nambale beans cost Ugx.2300/kg although supply was still limited. Mixed beans and Red Wailimu beans demanded by the Busia market were offered at Ugx.1650/kg and Ugx.1700/kg respectively. These Mixed beans were also demanded by traders from DRC who ferried them via Kasese Mpondwe border to Bwera.

Beans were demanded highly at Busia Produce Border market and an estimate of 700-800MT were exported to Kenya formally via the main gate daily while less than 500MT were traded informally via different trade routes. Yellow beans were preferred at this market at Ugx.3007/kg (Ksh.97) while Rosecoco beans, Short Nambale, Kahuura and Amy Green beans from Mbarara cost Ugx.2728/kg (KSh.88). Other bean varieties such as Wailimu cost Ugx.2077/kg (Ksh.67), Mixed beans Ugx.1922/kg (Ksh.62) and Long Nambale at Ugx.2697/kg (KSh.87).

Other commodities demanded by Kenya traders included Millet at Ugx.2728/kg (Ksh.88), Sorghum at Ugx.1116/kg (Ksh.36), Cassava Chips at Ugx.1085/kg (Ksh.35), Simisim at Ugx.5115/kg (Ksh.165), Groundnuts at Ugx.5518/kg (ksh.178) and Green grams at Ugx.2170/kg (Ksh.70).

Download this week’s Price Outlook (30th May – 05th June, 2022) for the detailed wholesale and retail prices of selected commodities across the various regional markets in Uganda.

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