More maize dropped off the market as prices soared high | Week 20, 2022

maize stock

The market received more maize than the previous week to most major trading centers compared to the previous week. At Busia border produce market, an increased volume of approximately 200MT were delivered formally via the main gate on a daily. Informally, an estimated 150MT of maize were delivered across the porous border using the different trade routes. Traders have been identified to come from near and far trading centres in the Kamba region.

Good quality maize was purchased at Ugx.1430/kg (Ksh.46) while Fair quality determined by this particular market cost Ugx.1399/kg (Ksh.45). The least acceptable quality usually for animal feeds cost Ugx.1383/kg (Ksh.44.5). A slight increment in the volumes traded was observed in this market at an increased grain market price.

In Mutukula, maize grain delivered from Tanzania was offered at an estimated Ugx.1200/kg at the border post. It was noted that the quality is not good and this explains the slight lower market prices. Other commodities delivered at Mutukula alongside maize grain included Groundnuts at Ugx.4895-5100/kg, Yellow beans at Ugx.2800-2850/kg wholesale, Super rice at Ugx.93, 000-95,000 per a 25kg bag and quality cassava chips.

At the city markets of Kampala, an assorted range of commodities were delivered from Tanzania which included white maize at Ugx.1300/kg in Kisenyi, Cassava chips, Groundnuts from as far as Malawi and Rice. Maize from stockists distributed in the rural areas reached Kampala at Ugx.1370-1380/kg wholesale. The quality of maize delivered from the country side is noted to have been of very good quality and it is speculated that an unspecified volume of grain is still held by stockists in the countryside anticipating higher prices in June.

The cost of processed maize flour in Kampala also increased to Ugx.2400-2500/kg depending on the quality of maize milled. Notable to have increased drastically was the cassava chips prices that increased to Ugx.1100-1200/kg especially in Kisenyi market.

An estimated 300MT of assorted beans were traded on a daily formally via the main gate in Busia. Likewise, a lot of informal beans trading was also reported at this border post market estimated at 100MT daily. Traders were mentioned to have arrived at the market from far destinations and near markets stretching from Bungoma to Kisumu. Yellow beans were preferred at Ugx.3576/kg (Ksh.115), Nambaale and Wailimu beans cost Ugx.3421/kg (KSh.110) and Ugx.2363/kg (Ksh.76) respectively. Other beans variety demanded at this particular market included Rosecoco beans at Ugx.2954/kg (ksh.95) and Mixed beans at Ugx.2177/kg (Ksh.70).

The border port market at Busia also required Millet at Ugx.2705/kg (Ksh.87), Sorghum at Ugx.1180/kg (Ksh.38), Green grams at Ugx.2425/kg (Ksh.78), Dry cassava chips at Ugx.1180/kg (Ksh.38), Groundnuts at Ugx.6530/kg (Ksh.210) and Simsim at Ugx.5442/kg (Ksh.175). Newly harvested beans from Kasese have found market in both Busia and Kampala.

At Mutukula, some Yellow beans were noted delivered from Tanzania at Ugx.2850/kg. At Kampala’s Owino market, newly harvested Nambaale beans cost Ugx.3100-3200/kg while Yellow cost Ugx.3100/kg, Mixed beans (Omusingiriro) cost Ugx.2550/kg and old stock Kahuura cost Ugx.2800-2900/kg. White beans from Tanzania cost Ugx.2250/kg.

The rice market was basically filled with Super rice from Tanzania which cost Ugx.3400/kg for the recently harvested grain and Ugx.3600-3900/kg for the more quality brand. At Mutukula, rice cost Ugx.93,000 – 95,000 per 25kg bag.

Download this week’s Price Outlook (16th – 22nd May, 2022) for the detailed wholesale and retail prices of selected commodities across the various regional markets in Uganda.

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