No demand for Ugandan grain at Busia | Week 41

sack of maize grain

There was no demand for Ugandan maize at the border produce market in Busia. Actually, newly harvested maize was pronounced at the same market crossing from Kenya to Uganda at Ksh.28.5-29/kg. The quality is not yet good because it was still highly moist. More freshly harvested maize grain will be expected from the Kenyan side for some weeks because the Ugandan maize was offered at a higher price of Ksh.34/kg. The market is yet to receive newly harvested maize in Uganda and precisely the second seasonal harvest is expected in December to January 2022. Only 1-3 trucks arrived in the market loaded with 12-60 tonnes on a daily.

Meanwhile, an estimated 700-1000MT of assorted beans were received in Busia on a daily. The demand for beans on the Kenyan side registered Yellow beans at Ksh.70/kg while Nambaale beans cost Ksh.59-60/kg. Rosecoco beans were purchased at Ksh.65-66/kg while Wailimu were offered to Ksh.54-55/kg. Mixed beans cost Ksh.40-45/kg depending on the size.

Other commodities that were demanded by the Kenyan transit traders included dry cassava chips at Ksh.26-27/kg, Millet at Ksh.77-78/kg, Red Sorghum at Ksh.34-35/kg, White Sorghum at Ksh.32/kg, Groundnuts at Ksh.158/kg, Simsim at Ksh.162/kg, Soya beans at Ksh.102/kg and Green grams t Ksh.74/kg.

Newly harvested beans were pronounced from Kagadi, Hoima, Mubende and Masindi. In Masindi, newly harvested beans cost Ugx.1200/kg wholesale. In Mbale, beans cost Ugx.2,000-2500/kg. Other items currently harvesting included groundnuts, Soya beans, Millet and Irish potatoes. The story was similar for beans in Mubende. Newly harvested beans cost as low as Ugx.1550-1700/kg depending on the variety. Masaka and districts beyond on the western axis received beans from Kagadi, Kibaale and Masindi.

Harvesting of maize was reported in Soroti and Kapchorwa at Ugx.600/kg while in Kapchorwa it was received at Ugx.700/kg. In Kampala, the maize price has steadily increased from Ugx.1040-1080/kg wholesale. It was reported scarce. However, the supply of Tanzanian maize via Mutukula and other border terminals has led to two grain offers in Kampala i.e. Ugandan maize at Ugx.1060/kg while the Tanzanian at Ugx.1030/kg. Other commodities that were delivered alongside maize from Tanzania included rice and cassava which apparently have also increased price.

Apparently, beans were so expensive in Soroti retailing Yellow at the highest price Ugx.4000/kg. Other varieties such as Nambale were offered at Ugx.3300/kg, White beans at Uggx.2300/kg, Groundnuts at Ugx.4300/kg while Simsim at Ugx.3800/kg.

Likewise in Kyankwanzi and Kiboga, beans were offered so low at Ugx.1500-1800/kg indicating 2nd harvest season for beans in this location.

Plenty of Irish potatoes were delivered to the market at Ugx.120,000 per 50kg bag to the market from Kagadi to the market in Kyankwanzi. A lot of production was still expected from Mbale but also from Kenya. Supply from Kapchorwa continued to flow onto the Ugandan market.

Irish potatoes delivered from Mbale cost Ugx.70,000 in Kampala. The supply of tomatoes has been fluctuating rendering price very unstable between Ugx.150,000 to 250,000 a ply box weighing 100-120 kilos. Green pepper was offered at Ugx.120,000 to 150,000 per bag. Matooke price increased due to reduction in supply. Bunches were offered at Ugx.15,000 to 25, 000 depending on supply of the day.

Download this week’s Price Outlook (11th – 16th October) for the detailed prices of individual commodities in the different regions of Uganda.

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