Piggery Value Chain In Uganda

A Situation Analysis and Trends

The study considered piggery value chain analysis as an important instrument for poverty reduction and mechanism for addressing food insecurity at all levels. Furthermore, the assessment reflected on the conditions within which the piggery value chains in Uganda operate, paying attention to details of all dynamics involved on a broader national context. The analysis gives an overview of past trends related to current level of organization of players, investment in business, production, consumption, key actors and policy framework that influence supply, the demand and marketing of pork, pork products and value addition options. As a matter of emphasis on the specifics of the study, the current status and the future directions of the industry and the underlying challenges and opportunities by different actors in the pig production value chains and investment options were captured at different levels of the value chain.

This report presents findings from Piggery value chain in Uganda that was conducted in November, 2018 by Advocacy Coalition for Sustainable Agriculture (ACSA).

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