Planting commences as grain price escalates | Week 12, 2022

Seed planting

Several crop production locations have reported receiving rainfall prompting planting of the first season crop. Some areas have not received enough rain, however, farmers have gone ahead to prepare and also plant especially maize and beans. Usually during planting season, commodity prices increase since it’s off season for most commodities. The domestic commodity market tends to search at the regional level in order to meet its demand.

In Kampala grain market, the maize wholesale price rose to Ugx.1100/kg, however, Tanzanian maize was offered slightly lower at Ugx.1080/kg. The quality was not good because the gain was diseased.

The Ugandan commodity market is expecting supply from neighboring Tanzania however transit traders have speculated that the Tanzanian crop might not be as good as last year’s especially for maize and rice.

Only 150Mt of maize grain was reported delivered daily at Busia border regional market formally via the main gate and informally this week. Less demand for grain was reported from transit traders coming from nearby market in Western Kenya. The maize price was expected to increase due to the upcoming Kenyan election. The Tanzanian maize was also mentioned as ready and reaching the market slowly. Maize from Uganda was highly priced at Busia due to scarcity.

Good quality maize was offered at Ugx.1,185 (Ksh.38/kg) while fair quality as indicated by this market at Ugx.1,170 (Ksh.37.5/kg). The least acceptable quality which is usually bought as animal feed cost Ugx.1154 (Ksh.37/kg). Maize was recorded at Ugx.1000/kg and above in most markets countywide.

Super rice has recorded increasing prices due to scarcity. There were, however, reports of newly supplied super rice from Tanzania imported into the country via Mutukula border post. Good quality super rice was bought at Ugx.3600-3700/kg at wholesale. Other lower qualities from Tanzania were offered at Ugx.3200-3400/kg. The least quality was offered at Ugx.2800/kg wholesale level.

Large Nambale was delivered to Kampala markets from Buhezzu at a high price. A kilo was offered at Ugx.2700/kg meanwhile short Nambale cost between Ugx.2600-2800/Kg. Yellow beans from Tanzania cost Ugx.2800-3000/kg wholesale while yellow beans from stockists on the Ugandan side was much expensive at Ugx.3000-3200/kg. Old stock beans were offered cheaper at Ugx.2300-2400/kg.

At the regional produce border market, 100-300Mt of assorted beans varieties were purchased. Yellow and red Waliamu beans were demanded most at Ugx2,808 (Ksh.90) and Ugx.1,809 (Ksh.58) respectively. Short Nambale cost Ugx.2,028(Ksh.65/kg), Sugar beans at Ugx.2,745 (Ksh.88), Rosecoco at Ugx.2,496 (Ksh.80/kg), long Nambale at Ugx.2,028 (Ksh.65/kg), Mixed small at Ugx.1,372 (Ksh44/kg), and large mixed beans from Kisoro at Ugx.1,809 (Ksh.58).

Download this week’s Price Outlook (21st – 27th March, 2022) for the detailed wholesale and retail prices of selected commodities across the various regional markets in Uganda.

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