About ACSA

Advocacy Coalition for Sustainable Agriculture (ACSA) is legally registered a network of Civil Society organizations (CSOs), which work with Smallholder farmers and promote Sustainable Agriculture, Agricultural market development, research and advocacy. This is aimed at increasing farmers` understanding of policy issues affecting small holder farmers in Uganda. ACSA`s mandate is “advocating for the agrarian policy environment for small holder farmers in Uganda”.  ACSA has membership of 29 spread country wide in the Districts  of  Kampala, Wakiso,  Mayuge, Mpigi , Mubende, Mityana, Mukono, Masaka, Lwengo, Kabale, Kanungu, Kasese, Hoima, Arua and Nebi.

MISSION: To empower civil society organizations working with small holder farmers to advocate for favorable AGRARIAN policy environment for sustainable agriculture communities”

VISION: ” Is a Small holder farmer living in a sustainable environment.”

GOAL: Relevant agriculture policies and services for small holder farmers (SHFs) are implemented to foster profitable sustainable agriculture enterprises”


  • Improve the capacity of member organizations to advocate for farmer-friendly policies and programs that addresse the challenges of their enterprises.
  • Support member organizations and their vulnerable groups in their efforts to promote sustainable agriculture and market access.
  • To develop strategic partnerships with other actors with the aim of promoting and developing members’ sustainable agricultural enterprises.
  • To promote practices that will assist farmers to adapt to climate change and establish conditions that increase agroecosystem resilience to stress.

Strategic Objectives

  1. ACSA Member Organizations (MOs) and smallholder farmers influence the agrarian policy and budgeting processes at local and National level
  2.  ACSA Member Organizations (MOs) have improved their capacity to access, generate and disseminate research and farmer based innovation for evidence based advocacy at local and national level
  3. Strategic Partnership and coordination is fostered among ACSA member organizations and other stakeholders for collective action towards improved service delivery by smallholder farmers are enhanced at local and national level.
  4. ACSA member organizations have enhanced their capacity to support smallholder farmers towards improved access to reliable and profitable markets
  5. ACSA secretariat is providing effective services to the member organizations(MOs).
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