Seed Systems In Central Uganda

The study on the seed systems in central Uganda was conducted to review the past and current situation in the central region with regard to the seed industry, to identify the actors in the seed sub-sector and their roles, the support structures in the seed sector and their sustainability, establish…

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Okutondawo, Okuyingira N’Okwenyigira Munkola Za Microfinance Ez’omukitundukyo Mu Uganda: Farmers’ Guide (Luganda)

Ebikwata ku nkola za Microfinance ez’omubitundu Kino ekiwayi kya Microfinance ez’omubitundu kyamala dda okukasibwa mu nsi yonna nga enkola ey’amaanyi esobola okulwanyisa obwavu n’okusitula ebyenfuna by’abantu wonna. N’olwekyo okukyuusa embeera zabamufuna mpola n’abaavu, mubyensimbi n’obulamu obwabulijjo kisobose, era nga abakikoze bayise mu nkola eya Microfinance ez’omubitundu. Omulamwa omukulu ogwa micro…

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Piggery Value Chain In Uganda

A Situation Analysis and Trends The study considered piggery value chain analysis as an important instrument for poverty reduction and mechanism for addressing food insecurity at all levels. Furthermore, the assessment reflected on the conditions within which the piggery value chains in Uganda operate, paying attention to details of all…

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Establishing, Accessing and Engaging in Local Microfinance Systems in Uganda: Farmers’ Guide

The microfinance industry worldwide has been recognized as instrumental tool for poverty alleviation and economic growth. Therefore, socio-economic transformation efforts of low-income and poor community have been possible through accessing semi-formal and informal financial products/ services. The pivotal role of the microfinance has helped foster the growth and development of small and medium enterprise in the world by providing start-up and business expansion capital among other financial services.

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A Documentation Of Irrigation Systems for Farmers in Uganda

Leveraging Small and Medium Holder Farmers' Choice of Irrigation Technologies The study on irrigation systems in Uganda was conducted to document information regarding irrigation technology being used by farmers/beneficiary and their general understanding of the technology. The findings form a basis for accurate and latest trends related to demand, consumer…

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Jack Fruit Chain Analysis in Uganda

The study on value chain analysis of Jackfruit was based on the potential benefits of Jackfruit in Uganda that have not been exploited maximumly along the production chain to address all the social, cultural, economic, medical and other aspects surrounding Jackfruit production. The study was conducted to facilitate advocacy activities…

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A Case Study of the State of Agro-inputs in Central Uganda

Farmers need to maximize productivity in order to feed their families. Various initiatives to promote the Green Revolution technologies into the country’s agriculture sector exist with the aim of building private commercial agro-input production and distribution. This requires building the capacity of different  stakeholders to understand the policy related aspects…

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