Message from the Chairperson

Dear friends, am privileged to serve as ACSA board Chair and I believe we have all seen the active engagement of the board and members. ACSA is continuing to spearhead Agrarian policy and budget advocacy among her member organizations at different levels following these thematic areas; Sustainable Agriculture, Agricultural market development and environment conservation, Research and documentation, Networks and Partnership Building. All the above interventions aim at increasing MOs and farmers` understanding and participation in addressing policy gaps and issues affecting small holder farmers in Uganda

It is important to note that our efforts have been directed to following up on the recommendations of the previous board and quite a lot has been achieved that include; Strategic planning, New project proposal development, Putting in placed operational policies and strengthening our engagements at different levels with particular emphasis on fast tracking the National organic Policy. These activities have been possible with the support from Misereor and USAID FTF EEA complimented by the line ministries (MAAIF, MWE), research Institutions and academia from Uganda and Germany plus other like-minded stakeholders. This has greatly increased our space in the policy and advocacy arena in Uganda. We shall continue to attract constructive membership as well as pursuing partnerships with like-minded CSOs, farmers, development partners and government for enhanced working relationship and constructive policy engagements in Uganda and beyond.
More milestones have been reached at national level with the active participation of ACSA to have some relevant policies in place for example; National irrigation policy 2018, National Seed policy 2018, National fertilizer policy 2018 and that are pertinent for farmers and the agriculture sector in Uganda in general.

As ACSA grows in strength, we are particularly grateful to Misereor, USAID Feed the Future Enabling Environment, Caritas Kampala, ACSA board and membership whose financial and technical support is enabling this.

Mr. Sajjabi Eustace


Meet the rest of the team

ACSA Board

Mr. Ssebukyu Vincent

Vice Chairperson

Mr. Kasibante Joseph


Mr. Mutebi James


Mrs.Sylvia Mukasa


Mr. Serubula Patrick


M/s Dorcus Asiimwe


ACSA Secretariat

Ms. Harriet Nakasi

National Coordinator

Ms. Florence Nassuuna

Policy & Advocacy Officer

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