Seed Systems In Central Uganda

The study on the seed systems in central Uganda was conducted to review the past and current situation in the central region with regard to the seed industry, to identify the actors in the seed sub-sector and their roles, the support structures in the seed sector and their sustainability, establish the existing seed markets and issues derailing development of the seed sector and the existing seed management practices by farmers, seed companies and institutions. This study will inform advocacy processes for the development of the seed sub-sector in Uganda especially those geared towards safeguarding against any potential threats to the interests of the marginalized small scale farmers.

The study employed mixed methods to collect data; both quantitative and qualitative research approaches were used. The qualitative approach was based on an interpretive and reflective approach during the analysis and allowed the key informants to share, in depth, their experiences and knowledge about seed systems, seed management and challenges in the seed sector.

The quantitative approach was used to generate quantifiable data from different sectors about seed varieties and enterprises, but also the demographic characteristics of people involved in the seed system. Literature review on the past seed systems in Uganda was done to harmonize the current findings. Triangulation of these approaches facilitated the understanding of the current community led seed systems in central region and Uganda in general.

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