Fish price decreases as plenty is availed on the market | Weekly Market Outlook – Week 23


The fish catch increased and supply to the market forced the market price low. Nile Perch price declined from Ugx.12,000 per kilo to Ugx.8000-10,000/kg depending on a day’s supply. The price for Tilapia also reduced from Ugx.10,000/kg to Ugx.8000/kg. The major fish markets of Busega, Bwayise and Kireka in Kampala all registered good fish supply delivered daily.

Dairy farmers in Kigezi abandoned livestock/dairy farming in favor for tea production a few years ago. They are currently earning Ugx.250/kg of green tea leaves. The price is expected to get better as the dry season draws near. The season is usually at its peak when farmers are offered Ugx.300-350/kg of fresh green leaves. Some farmers have enjoyed good price offered during the dry season because they have had constant supply by utilizing their wetlands. The region has also had the first tea factory in Kabale as one heads to Katuna.

Harvesting of sorghum is expected in a short while in Kabale. The price of Sorghum was quoted as high as Ugx.2300/kg for black sorghum while brown sorghum cost Ugx.2000/kg wholesale price.

The maize grain price in Kampala stabilized at Ugx.770/kg. Maize flour cost Ugx.65,000 per 50kgs bag wholesale. Maize was delivered from Tanzania via Mutukula at Ugx.400/kg before taxation. It cost Ugx.650-700/kg with taxes. Other items delivered included Wailimu beans at Ugx.1280/kg and with taxation the price increased to Ugx.1310-1520/kg wholesale price. Groundnuts and super rice were also delivered. Grade one and half rice cost Ugx.11,500/5kilo pack.

Maize price at Busia border produce market increased from the previous week’s price of Ksh.24/kg to Ksh.25/kg good quality grain. Fair quality was offered at Ksh.24.5/kg while the least acceptable quality was bought at Ksh.23.5/kg. About 200Mt of grain was purchased daily destined for Kenya.

Farmers in Masindi were able to catch a better grain price when they sold to those purchasing for the UN Refugees because of their good quality. Masindi maize has been mentioned in several markets as the best quality currently. In Iganga, Bugiri and Busia grain markets, traders offered a premium of Ugx.100/kg for maize from Masindi on top of the prevailing market price.

Lemon price hiked during the week to Ugx.500, 000 per sack weighing 80-90 kgs. Traders bought Oranges and Lemon from the northern region especially Kamudini. Oranges cost Ugx.200, 000 a bag full. Tomato price fluctuated between Ugx.300,000 – 350,000 a box. Passion fruits cost Ugx.600,000 Masaka while the big size usually from Kasese cost Ugx.200,000-250,000.

In the beans sector, Kampala registered very good supply of the newly harvested beans. Prices were gradually increasing by the day. Short Nambale cost Ugx.2300/kg while Yellow beans at Ugx.2400/kg wholesale price. Long Nambale and mixed beans were cheaper at Ugx.2200/kg and Ugx.1250/kg respectively.

Mixed beans, Wailimu beans, groundnuts, maize and rice were delivered from Tanzania via Mutukula border post. Maize grain cost Ugx.400/kg before taxation. After taxation the grain price increased to Ugx.650-700/kg. Grade one and half rice was offered at Ugx.2200/kg after taxation. Wailimu beans cost Ugx.1310-1320/kg after taxation.

At the border post produce market in Busia, a lot of assorted beans varieties were reported crossing to Kenya. Over 1300Mt of assorted beans were traded daily throughout the week. This volume of beans is big business to the transit traders handling produce destined for Kenya. Yellow beans were purchased at a cheaper price of Ksh.64/kg compared to Ksh.69/kg previously. Short Nambale beans declined to Ksh.53/kg from Ksh.55-58/kg. Mixed beans and Wailimu beans were stable.

Other commodities demanded at the border market included millet at Ksh.86/kg, Sorghum at Ksh.37/kg, dry cassava chips at Ksh.22/kg, Simsim at Ksh.125/kg and green grams at Ksh.76/kg.

Download this week’s Price Outlook (7th – 12th June) for the detailed prices of individual commodities in the different regions of Uganda.

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