Freshly harvested beans expected | Week 09, 2022

Bean Varieties

The central market in Kampala received freshly harvested beans from Kasese. The quality is not very good like it usually is from this location during the year. Fresh beans are expected on the market from Mubuku irrigation scheme area in Kasese in April. This supply gets to market when there is nothing because it’s planting time elsewhere. It appears this year’s supply might be unusually early. Yellow beans were purchased in Kampala at Ugx.2700-2800/kg compared to the old stock at Ugx.2500/kg.

Newly harvested short Nambale beans were offered at Ugx.2400/kg while the old stock beans cost Ugx.2000-2200/kg depending on quality delivered. Other varieties were old stocked and cheaper. When compared to the previous week’s price, they didn’t change.

Super rice supply in Kampala and other city markets was reported low. Local Super rice production was reported low and the quality delivered to Kampala not good. Supply from within was recorded from Soroti, Gulu and Lira. Local super rice cost averagely Ugx.3000/kg while imported good quality super rice currently from Tanzania cost Ugx.3500/kg wholesale price. Lower grades from Tanzania were much cheaper but scarce.

Transit traders expect good supply of the imported Tanzanian super rice next month when the harvest season will be open. Super rice was reported low priced at Ugx.2800-3000/kg in the above markets.

Produce business was reported slow at the border market of Busia. Demand for beans declined at Busia border post market. Only less than 300Mt of assorted beans were purchased daily throughout the week. Yellow beans cost Ugx.2710/kg (Ksh.88), Short Nambale and Rosecoco beans sold at Ugx.2032/kg (Ksh.66). Army green and Wailimu beans were offered at Ugx.2310/kg (Ksh.75) and Ugx.1724/kg (Ksh56) respectively. Mixed beans were delivered from Kikagati, Kisoro and Tanzania via Mutukula cost Ugx.1416/kg (Ksh.46).

Demand for maize grain was, likewise, low at Busia border market. Only 300Mt of grain was traded on a daily. Supply was equally reduced because of increasing grain price in the rural locations due to scarcity. Traders noted that they were traveling longer distances to fetch the maize such as Sembabule, Kagadi and Kakumiro districts. Good quality maize was purchased at Ugx.954/kg (Ksh.31) while fair quality at Ugx.945/kg (Ksh.30.7). The least acceptable quality usually for animal feeds cost Ugx.939/kg (Ksh.30.5).

Maize price was quoted stable in Kampala at Ugx.900-910/kg. Millers bought as per their flour process requirement. FICA seeds bought good quality maize in Masindi at Ugx.950-1000/kg, however, supply has since depreciated in this location.

As the world coffee market price declines, the local coffee processers purchased FAQ coffee at averagely Ugx.6700-6800/kg. The concluded coffee season in the eastern part of the country was not good due to effects of the weather. The coming season from the western region is usually better. There is hope that the quality could quickly step up from 67% and turn to 80% in some production locations.

Download this week’s Price Outlook (28th  February – 05th March, 2022) for the detailed wholesale and retail prices of selected commodities across the various regional markets in Uganda.

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