Maize grain scarce, price increases | Week 10, 2022

harvested maize

The maize grain price increased in most major markets due to scarcity. As indicated in the February/March Metrological report, the rains are expected and preparations for planting the first season crop is underway countrywide.

Maize price in Kampala increased to Ugx.1040/kg in Kisenyi. This also followed an upward adjustment in the maize flour price to Ugx.90,000/sack weighing 50kgs. Similar reports of maize grain increment were reported in Mbarara where a kilo of maize cost Ugx.1000, Mbale at Ugx.1050/kg, Bugiri at Ugx.1200/kg, Lira at Ugx.950 and Tororo at Ugx.1100/kg. There was no demand for maize grain at Busia market. However, in Gulu and Kampala, there were several Sudanese traders purchasing both maize grain and maize flour.

It is anticipated that the grain price will increase to its highest during the month of April and will only be brought down by newly harvested maize grain from neighboring Tanzania. The grain price ceiling is forecasted to hit Ugx.1200-1300/kg at wholesale for the next two weeks. The Sudanese demand is uncertain.

Maize grain was relatively cheaper in Masindi, Kagadi and Kyankwanzi at Ugx.850-930/kg at wholesale. Some transit traders drove an extra mile into Sembabule and parts of greater Masaka where the crop thrived in the second season of last year.

The Super rice price was recorded high in most markets due to limited supply from Tanzania. In Mbarara and Kampala, traders offered it at Ugx.85,000 for a 25kg bag at wholesale. Transit traders from Mutukula noted that rice imported from Tanzania was very scarce and Grade one was offered at Ugx.79,000-80,000 per Ugx.25kg bag while second grade usually broken cost Ugx.70,000.

Grade one and half rice was offered at Ugx.75,000 at wholesale. They also noted that plenty of rice from Tanzania will be available in April when the price is expected to drop to Ugx.60,000-70,000/25kg bag of grade one when the harvest starts.

Meanwhile, Ugandan rice was offered at Ugx.3000-3500/kg at wholesale in most major markets countrywide.

The beans market has generally been stable in most markets apart from some markets in the eastern region. In Kampala, Short Nambale beans were offered at Ugx.1900-2100/kg wholesale. Yellow beans were offered at Ugx.2800/kg while Sugar beans at Ugx.2600-2700/kg. Fresh mixed beans from Kisoro and beyond were offered at Ugx.1800-2000/kg.

In northern Uganda markets such as Lira and Gulu, beans were offered Ugx.2200- 800/kg depending on quality and variety. Beans were relatively low priced in production locations such as Masindi, Hoima, Kibaale, Kiboga and Kyankwanzi.

There was a slight increment in the beans price in Mbarara at Ugx.2200-2500/kg at wholesale.

Irish potatoes have also registered an increment in price in different markets. In Mbale, a 100kg sack cost Ugx.100, 000 while in Mbarara, Irish potatoes from Kisoro weighing 140-150 kgs cost Ugx.180, 000. In Kampala, Irish potatoes cost Ugx.140, 000 from Kisoro while supply from Mbale cost Ugx.95000-100,000 per a 100kg bag. Supply from Kagadi to Masindi town cost Ugx.100, 000 per 100kg bag.

Download this week’s Price Outlook (07th  March – 12th March, 2022) for the detailed wholesale and retail prices of selected commodities across the various regional markets in Uganda.

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