Kenya maize on the Ugandan market as second season harvest gets ready | Week 47

maize stock

The regional produce border market in Busia received maize from Kenya both formally and informally. Given the current high maize grain price in Uganda, supply was registered from Kenya into the country and distributed inward up to Jinja. A kilo of maize grain was offered at Ugx.936-951/kg (Ksh.30-30.5). It cost about Ugx.600,000 to import a truck load formally via the main gate. And this was after a lot of informal trade occurring at the main terminal. The quality of maize was fair with an average content level.

Reports have it that newly harvested maize in Masindi got to the market and cost Ugx.900-950/kg. The moisture content level is still high and not a lot of supply is expected from the area due to the effects of dry weather. Old stock maize grain was offered at Ugx.1080-1100/kg in Masindi.

Elsewhere, maize grain was offered at Ugx.1100/kg in Tororo and Mbale. In Kampala’s main grain market, maize was offered at Ugx.1200/kg. A similar price was reflected in Mbarara.

In the fresh commodity market, passion fruits usually from Masaka cost Ugx.1, 000,000-1,100,000 per bag. There was no supply from Kasese. The inferior Yellow passion fruit cost Ugx.900,000. A bag full of oranges cost Ugx.70,000-80,000 delivered to Kampala while a bag full of Green Pepper cost between Ugx.70,000-120,000 depending on supply of the day. A bag full of lemon cost Ugx.120,000 depending on availability. Plenty was received in the tomato section where a box ply full cost Ugx.50,000-120,000 depending on supply.

In the coffee sub-sector, very high demand for FAQ coffee was reported and buyers offered to purchase coffee at farm gate at Ugx.6000/kg (Robusta). Arabica coffee was offered at a slightly higher price of Ugx.10,000. According to the coffee buyers, the increase in demand for Ugandan coffee was a result of frost that affected the Brazilian coffee and other major coffee suppliers such as Vietnam. The other major coffee producer that has not had a share of this market is Ethiopia which is currently at war.

The high price will most likely be for some time before the major coffee producers can return to the market. As harvesting continues in the rural production locations, Kiboko was offered at Ugx.3000-3500/kg while at the export quality market Screen 18 coffee cost Ugx.9500-10,000/kg.

Plenty of beans supply was reported on the general market in the production locations in the western region. Short Namable beans cost at Ugx.1000-1800/kg in the production locations at wholesale. Yellow and Rosecoco beans were equally cheaper at the same price range. Higher beans prices were registered in Soroti, Mbale and the northern region.

At Busia regional border post, high demand for beans was reported. An estimated 1900MT were registered through the border post daily destined to eastern Kenya and other townships west of Nairobi. The quality was good and Yellow beans were preferred at Ugx.1840-1872/kg, (Ksh.59-60) wholesale price. Nambale beans were offered at Ugx.1716-1747/kg (Ksh.55-56). Wailimu beans and Mixed beans cost Ugx.1404 and Ugx.1123/kg (Ksh.46 and Ksh.36) respectively.

Other commodities demanded at the border market included Groundnuts at Ugx.4836/kg (Ksh.155), Simsim at Ugx.4680/kg (Ksh.150), Soya bean at Ugx.2340/kg (Ksh.75), Millet at Ugx.2496/kg (Ksh.80), Sorghum at Ugx.1092/kg (Ksh.35), Cassava chips at Ugx.873-904/kg (Ksh.28-29) and Green grams at Ugx.2121/kg (Ksh.68).

Download this week’s Price Outlook (22nd – 27th November) for the detailed prices of selected commodities across the various regions of Uganda.

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