Maize trading up again at Busia produce border market | Week 04, 2022

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Brisk maize trading was reported this week, at the Busia Border Grain Trading hub. An estimated 1400-1500MT were reported daily crossing from the Ugandan side both formally and informally, maize was delivered mainly from Hoima, Kiboga, Mubende, Masaka, Kyankwanzi, Kibaale and Kagadi (Western region).

There was a sudden increase in demand for maize which registered a shift of transit traders purchasing beans to maize grain. The Kenyan community was reported stocking maize due to the uncertainty of food supply during elections that it is particularly going through currently. Maize was offered at Ugx.893-985/kg (Ksh.29-32). There was, however, an observation of fluctuation in the forex rate between Ksh.30.6-31.

In Kampala city markets, there was a reduction of grain supply to the market. This was attributed to stockists holding onto the crop after returning the children to school. It was offered at Ugx.800/kg in Kisenyi/Owino markets. In the production locations of Kiboga, Masindi and Kyankwanzi, maize was offered at Ugx.700/kg. Reduced supply of maize grain was expected on the market in general. In Mubende, maize was slightly higher at Ugx.780/kg while in Soroti it cost Ugx.850/kg and most of the supply was delivered from the northern region where grain prices were stable throughout the week.

Low bean prices were reflected in Kabale where large mixed beans were offered at Ugx.1200/kg. Other bean varieties offered included Sugar beans at Ugx.2200/kg among other types. The news of the reopening of the border at Katuna and Kamwezi border posts is expected to boost beans and maize trading in the area. However, it won’t be for long as during the month of March, Rwandans would be harvesting their maize.

Beans trading declined at Busia after more demand was registered for maize grain at this particular market. Traders noted that grain trading required less capital compared to that of beans. Only 500MT of assorted beans were traded daily.

Likewise, a lot of beans supply was registered from the western region particularly Ibanda, Kyegegwa and Kazo. Yellow beans were preferred in this particular market at Ugx.2310/kg (Ksh.75), Long Nambale at 1878/kg (Ksh.61), Wailimu at Ugx.1570/kg (Ksh.51), Mixed beans at Ugx.1355/kg (Ksh.44), Army beans at Ugx.2063/kg (Ksh.67) and Nambale short at Ugx.2000/kg (Ksh.65-66).

Stable beans prices were registered in Kampala, however, there was a slight increase in the retail prices offered. The northern Uganda regional markets registered higher beans prices.

Reduced supply of Super rice was noted in most markets. This is in effect after reduction in the import volumes from Tanzania. The Ugandan rice in east and northern parts of the country was less expensive than the imported Super rice from Tanzania. Good quality Super rice was purchased at Ugx.3600/kg while other cheaper qualities cost less. The northern region had lower prices because of the recent rice harvest.

Download this week’s Price Outlook (24th – 29th January, 2022) for the detailed wholesale and retail prices of selected commodities across the various regions of Uganda.

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