Stockists regulate supply as stocks run low | Week 14, 2022

Stocks of maize grain

The maize grain market is controlled by stockists distributed country wide. The rural stockists are presumed to be holding onto a bigger percentage of what is left, currently. These are categorized by volumes stocked and quality held is more the same (unsorted maize).

Millers in Kampala noted that stockists provided a better quality of stocked maize as compared to the imported Tanzanian maize. They preferred to mill grade one/super quality maize flour from the Ugandan grain and processed grade ‘one and a half (1.5)’ and ‘two’ from the imported Tanzanian grain in order to minimize losses and maintain quality.

Maize from Tanzania cost Ugx.1150/kg in Kisenyi-Kampala while the grain from within cost Ugx.1250-1300/kg depending on quality. All the grain that was delivered to Kisenyi was milled and not for resale to other locations like it normally is.

The increasing grain price influenced the maize flour price higher from Ugx.95,000/bag weighing 100kgs to Ugx.105,000/50kgs at wholesale level. The traders forecasted that the grain price will increase to Ugx.1500/kg by May, 2022. The border produce market traders speculated higher prices because of the restricted quantity from Tanzania.

Other major city markets also registered increasing maize grain prices. Mbarara, Gulu and Arua cities reported maize at Ugx.1200/kg, Mbale at Ugx.1350/kg, and Masaka at Ugx.1270/kg. In Fort Portal, maize was cheaper at Ugx.1000/kg.

The regional border market of Busia maintained low commodity trading. Less than 100Mt of grain was purchased via the market. Good quality maize was purchased at Ugx.1140/kg (Ksh.38) just like the previous week. Fair quality and least acceptable quality maize cost Ugx.1125/kg (Ksh.37.5) and Ugx.1110/kg (Ksh.37) respectively.

Beans price increased in Kampala markets. Yellow cost Ugx.2800/kg at wholesale. Nambale beans were offered at Ugx.2800-3000/kg wholesale while Sugar beans cost UGx.3200/kg in most markets.

Traders at Busia registered more beans trading compared to maize grain. An estimated 300MT of assorted beans were sold across on a daily. Wailimu beans were demanded more than other varieties at Ugx.2160/kg (Ksh.72). Yellow beans were purchased at Ugx.2760/kg (Ksh.92). Mixed beans cost Ugx.1440/kg (Ksh.48) while that from Kisoro cost Ugx.1860/kg (Ksh.62). Beans prices were generally stable at Busia produce market.

Download this week’s Price Outlook (03rd – 09th April, 2022) for the detailed wholesale and retail prices of selected commodities across the various regional markets in Uganda.

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