New beans supply in the market as maize soars high | Week 21, 2022

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More supply of beans was received on the market. An increased volume of assorted beans were registered at the border produce market of Busia. An estimated 900Mt of beans was recorded daily at the border market. The price for some varieties declined compared to the previous week. Yellow beans in particular reduced from Ksh.115/kg to Ksh.92/kg (Ugx.2870/kg), Nambale beans declined from Ksh.150/kg to Ksh.96/kg (Ugx.2995/kg). Likewise, Wailimu beans reduced from Ksh.80/kg to Ksh.64/kg (Ugx.1996/kg). The beans supply was traced from Kiboga, Kibaale, Kagadi and from Tanzania. Other varieties such as Rosecoco and Long Nambale beans cost Ugx.2714/kg (Ksh.87/kg), Mixed beans at Ugx.1872/kg (Ksh.60/kg).

Commodities demanded by the cross border traders at Busia included green grams at Ugx.2340/kg (Ksh.75/kg), groundnuts at Ugx.5928/kg (190/kg) and Simsim at Ugx.5241/kg (Ksh.168)

In Kampala’s produce markets, some newly harvested beans reached the market. Notably, Short Nambale and Yellow beans were preferred and cost more compared to other beans varieties. Yellow beans cost Ugx.2800-2900/kg and Short Nambale was offered at Ugx.3000-3100/kg wholesale especially in Owino market. Long Nambale and Kahura/Rosecoco beans were offered at Ugx.2800/kg while White beans supplied from Tanzania were offered at Ugx.2250-2300/kg wholesale. Mixed beans were much cheaper at Ugx.2300-2400/kg at wholesale, however, Omusingiliro (mixed beans) were highly priced at Ugx.2700/kg.

Elsewhere in Kiboga/Kyankwanzi districts, the expected bean yields this season was greatly affected by the elongated dry spell. It is estimated that from an acre only 70kgs were realized without fertilizer. The estimated yield with fertilizer application was noted at 150kg only. Plenty of beans supply was reported in the area and offered at Ugx.2200-2400/kg at wholesale.

The maize price continued to soar high in all markets. Busia Border Produce market which is a major maize market reported good quality maize at Ugx.1435/kg (Ksh.46/kg). Fair quality maize (2nd grade) was purchased at Ugx.1419/kg (Ksh.45.5) while the least acceptable quality usually for animal feeds at Ugx.1404/kg (Ksh.45/kg). An estimated 300Mt of grain was purchased formally via the main gate on a daily while an additional 150Mt of maize were traded informally via a number of trade routes.

Slow trade was registered in Kampala maize markets. Maize was offered at a high price compared to the previous week’s price of Ugx.1380-1400/kg to Ugx.1420-1430/kg. Some supply of maize grain was reported from Tanzania together with cassava chips, groundnuts, white/ yellow beans, millet and rice.

Stockists continue to hold on to their stocks anticipating for the peak in June. Improvement in the storage facilities has offered better quality maize grain from the stockists in Uganda, however, the quality is much likely not to be good by June.

The supply of rice from Tanzania is newly harvested and costs more compared to other sources from Soroti and Gulu. The market in Kampala also received newly harvested groundnuts from Busoga on top of the supply from Tanzania.

Download this week’s Price Outlook (23rd – 29th May, 2022) for the detailed wholesale and retail prices of selected commodities across the various regional markets in Uganda.

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